8 Fashion Influencers of the 1950s

Nothing is constant – not even in fashion – and the transition from 1940s style to 1950s fashion was quite a drastic one. The post-war fashion of the 1950s saw the birth of streetwear as easy care fabrics and faster manufacturing machinery equated to new silhouettes which could be marketed to the masses. Marilyn Monroe […]

The Future of The Art World

Art has been a part of humankind since the dawn of civilisation. For as long as we’ve inhabited the earth, we’ve always been drawn to leaving our mark in the form of creation. From cave paintings to the incredible works of the Renaissance, art has defined us as a collective for thousands of years.

6 Style Icons of the 80s

The 1980s was a decade of beautiful designs, and these popular fashion icons that made sure that fashion from this era will never be forgotten. 1. Grace Jones Grace Jones not only has an amazing voice, she is also an actress and a model.  Born in Jamaica, Grace moved to New York during the 60s.  […]

7 Iconic and Influential Contemporary Photographers

While taking a photo is easy, taking a good photo is a little more difficult, and taking an iconic photo requires a master. Not only do you need to hit the shutter at the exact right moment, but your composition, colour coordination, light, and perspective all need to be spot-on and many don’t get this […]

Memorable Fashion Influencers of the 90s

While the 90s certainly brought about its fair share of fashion disasters, the decade also brought us dungarees, slip dresses, and the all-important grunge look. From athleisure inspired by British pop groups and neon rave, the 90s had something for every tribe. Kate Moss Famed as one of the faces of the ‘heroin chic’ look, […]

The Fashion Influencers of the 1980s

Touted as the decade responsible for more fashion icons than any other, the 1980s spawned fashion which was used to define personalities and make a statement. From Princess Diana to Joan Collins, this decade’s fashion icons flaunted shoulder pads and glam in excess with pride and confidence. Madonna Exploding onto the pop scene in 1983, […]

The Biggest Architectural Failures Ever

Architects are generally viewed in the same vein as lawyers and doctors: intelligent, schooled individuals who spent years refining the work in their chosen field, but that’s not always the case. Like lawyers and doctors, there are plenty of architects that have made their own blunders throughout the years – but what sets them apart […]

How Interior Design Has Changed Over The Years

Once an extremely popular practise that drew the attention of millions across the world, interior design has long been an important factor for those buying a new house or changing an old one. It’s the art of taking the interior of the room and altering the aesthetics so that the room becomes more welcoming, friendly, […]

The Strangest Architectural Designs From Across The World

For the most part, the world has adopted square buildings as the norm. This is because they’re easy to design and build, they’re cheaper on resources, and they’re far more practical, especially in a city. Square buildings are what we come across almost all the time – but this isn’t always the case. Over the […]

The World’s Most Influential Modern Pieces Of Artwork

Creating art has been a part of humanity since before the dawn of civilisation. Humans have always been fascinated with painting, and the various cave paintings around the world are testament to this fact. But the works of art that truly changed the world didn’t come along until the Renaissance era, when some of the […]