The Top Career Paths For Architect December 6, 2021 May 6, 2022 Zygmunt Duda

While it can be a long and difficult road to becoming a qualified architect, by the end it usually means a high-paying job and the chance to design buildings that will be used for many generations to come. Many might think that an architect is something of a general career, but it can actually be broken down into a number of career paths, each focused on various kinds of building design.

For those that are interested in pursuing a degree in architecture, these are some of the more popular career paths that will be made available after studies and internships are completed.

Landscape Architect

This is the kind of architect that focuses mainly on outdoor spaces, including public spaces, parks, gardens, and more. They need to be able to make these spaces both appealing to most people but also efficient and in line with the environment around it.

They design and plan the walkways around these spaces, and often work with gardeners and arborists to choose a selection of trees and plants to put in the ground. Many landscape architects will have a background in horticulture, meaning that they know exactly the kind of plants are suited for the climate that they are growing in.

Commercial Architect

A commercial architect is the person that designs the large buildings that we find in the big cities, such as skyscrapers or shopping malls. Designing a functioning and aesthetically pleasing commercial building is not the easiest task in the world, and it can take many years of experience and calculations before everything can begin.

The building will need to work with the overall flow of the surrounding area, especially when it comes to shopping malls, which need to be large enough to accommodate a vast range of shops, but not so large that they are impractical for visitors. On top of the design and implementation, an architect will also need to be keenly knowledgeable about building codes, the cost of construction, and any safety regulations that are in place within the city.

Residential Architect

This is a fairly broad career path that can be decided by what kind of area the architect chooses to focus on. They might want to design buildings for upper class areas, which are often made up of much larger houses that are inhabited by the wealthy.

They could focus instead on building cheap but affordable houses for those lower and middle classes. Residential architects in areas like China and Japan, for example, are often set to task to build small habitation bubbles that allow a person to meet their basic needs while living in an extremely overcrowded city.

Interior Designer

Lastly we have an interior designer, who is more concerned with the internals of a building rather than designing the building itself, making it a comfortable space for people to live, work, and enjoy hobbies such as playing games at

This career path requires a deep knowledge of the materials required, an understanding of furniture design, and how to create an efficient living space for the inhabitants.