Top Tips For Becoming A Digital Artist October 11, 2021 May 6, 2022 Zygmunt Duda

Thanks to the rise of modern technologies, it’s never been easier to dive into the world of digital art. Not too far removed from art using a paintbrush or pen, digital art instead relies on the usage of specific tools, such as an e-pen combined with a touchscreen to allow the artist to make their creations.

And pair that with a range of powerful software, it’s now possible to make a unique and complete masterpiece that everyone can admire.

Here we will look at what it takes to become a digital artist, whether the artist wants to just do it as a hobby, or even to take commissions to earn a living.

Taking Courses

We’ve entered into an age where education is now widely available to anyone that has a modern device and an internet connection. There are dozens of online universities and education sites which offer a range of various course that anyone is allowed to participate in.

These courses can often be quite comprehensive, offering a student the chance to learn about a subject, and even take it up as a career. Some of the most common e-learning sites include Khan Academy, Udemy, and many others are freely accessible, although some of the more advanced courses might have an associated cost.

Getting A Drawing Tablet

Along with training, having the right gear is important, and once again the artist is spoilt with choice. One of the more popular tablets used by artists are iPads, which come with powerful digital art creation software.

In fact, many experts believe that iPads are the best drawing tablets around at the moment, but for those that are not comfortable with Apple devices, it’s also possible to get a hold of a dedicated drawing tablet, which come with a special pen and can be used to create many different types of art.

Finding The Right Monitor

If an artist happens to be using a laptop or a desktop computer to create their art, they might want to look into getting a monitor that is capable of displaying accurate colours.

Cheap monitors are not able to display a full range of colour, which can make them somewhat useless when it comes to choosing and mixing the right colours.

Not only will a better quality monitor offer a better selection of accurate colours, but also a better resolution, a high contrast ratio, and an improved viewing angle, even if it means winning at in order to afford a decent one.

Different Kinds Of Art

  • 3D: This is the kind of art that is made using an advanced 3D design and rendering program. One of the most popular at the moment is Blender, which provides a multitude of powerful tools that can make just about anything that an artist could imagine. It has a steeper learning curve but getting really good at it can open plenty of career options.
  • 2D: 2D art is still very much in fashion and is more for those that like to draw freehand, or by using individual pixels. Pixel art, for example, is used in video games, and there’s still a large demand for talented pixel artists.