Author: Zygmunt Duda

A Quick Look at Some of The World’s Greatest Sculptures

The three-dimensional shape of sculptures becomes an all-encompassing life form. They share the space with you, demand an audience, and can be taken in from every angle. No matter which way you look at it, you are bound to discover something new with every glance. That is the beauty of a sculptured masterpiece, it is…

What Is Sustainable Architecture and How Can it be Achieved?

Sustainable architecture refers to the way in which an architect can design a building to ensure that the building and people inhabiting it have the lowest amount of impact on the environment. The concept of sustainability enters into every facet of the building and design process. It combines modern day architecture with eco-friendly and environmentally…

The Top Career Paths For Architect

While it can be a long and difficult road to becoming a qualified architect, by the end it usually means a high-paying job and the chance to design buildings that will be used for many generations to come. Many might think that an architect is something of a general career, but it can actually be…

The Top Digital Design Trends To Start Using

When it comes to staying on top of design trends, it’s hard to know what’s up and coming, and what’s being kicked out the door until well into the new year begins. However, we’ve been paying attention to what top marketing companies and social-facing media sites have been putting out there, and there’s some commonalities…

Top Tips For Becoming A Digital Artist

Thanks to the rise of modern technologies, it’s never been easier to dive into the world of digital art. Not too far removed from art using a paintbrush or pen, digital art instead relies on the usage of specific tools, such as an e-pen combined with a touchscreen to allow the artist to make their…

Surprisingly Useful Print Media Design Trends for Digital Design

In our increasingly digital world it may come as a surprise to find that some of the current trends in print media design may provide excellent inspiration for digital design….

Influential Art Movements That Changed The World

Art has always been an important part of the human experience. Some of the earliest artefacts left behind by our ancestors were artworks that stood the test of time and proved that we’ve always had an intrinsic fascination with creating something new. Art has evolved countless times over the years and undergone a series of…

The Oldest Paintings In The World

Humankind has been creating art for countless thousands of years. In fact, some of the earliest signs of our ancestors that have been discovered over the years are almost always related to small pieces of art that we created during our development….

A Guide To Becoming An Architect

Architecture is a career path that sees a person designing and planning buildings of every shape and size. It’s among one of the highest-paying professions in the world, especially in an age where cities are growing a constant rate. Becoming an architect requires dedication and time, and a certain ability with spatial planning and mathematics….

6 Amazing Abstract Buildings In The 21st Century

While the pyramids of Giza are incredible to see both near and afar, and the Statue of Liberty is something which thousands view and regularly admire, there are plenty of 21st century buildings which are a wonder to behold as well. Not only for their sheer size, but also for their abstract and surrealist nature….