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Influential Fashion Icons of the 1960s

The 1960s still provide inspiration to the fashion industry today which is evident when looking at examples such as the Birkin from Hermès and the Dior’s recent taken on Edie Sedgwick’s Factory Girl style. After the full skirts and impeccable hair and make-up of the 1950s, the fashion of the 1960s could be seen as […]

The Iconic Influencers on 1970s Fashion

With elements that are best described as bold and overstated, 1970s fashion is still consistently reimagined and reintroduced to 21st century catwalks.  As a stark contrast to the 1980s style which followed, 1970s fashion was characterised by flares, platforms, fringing, and suede and took the individual style of the 1960s to a whole new level. […]

The Interior Designers Everyone Should Know

Interior design and architecture go hand-in-hand as designing the interior of a space is pivotal in highlighting its architectural vision. While you may salivate over the interiors of Nate Berkus, Ashe + Leandro, Estee Stanley, or Kelly Wearstler, do you know who truly paved the way for the profession today? These interior designers are the […]