6 Style Icons of the 80s November 13, 2018 May 6, 2022 Zygmunt Duda

The 1980s was a decade of beautiful designs, and these popular fashion icons that made sure that fashion from this era will never be forgotten.

1. Grace Jones

Grace Jones not only has an amazing voice, she is also an actress and a model.  Born in Jamaica, Grace moved to New York during the 60s.  Her music is a combination of R & B, pop, electronic and disco and her voice has a distinctive sound.

She made a name for herself during the 80s with her unusual fashion and would often shock people by her outrageous outfits, or lack of them!  Her angular haircut, body paint and make-up are still being talked about today.

2. Jerry Hall

When you think of the word ‘supermodel’, one name that always comes to mind is Jerry Hall.  Known for her beautiful looks, Jerry was a fashion icon of the 80s.  Her fashion covers are a lasting legacy.

She was born in Texas and discovered by fashion photographer Claude Haddad.  She moved to Paris where she shared an apartment with none other than Grace Jones and Jessica Lange.  Because of her long blonde hair and being 6 feet tall made her a sought after model.

3. Princess Diana Spencer

Probably the most photographed woman in the world, Diana has inspired fashion not only during the 80s but the 90s as well. Women all around the world copied her hairstyle and fashion.

The whole world was glued to their televisions to see what Diana would wear on her wedding day.  Not long after that copies of the dress were in circulation.  Her outfits were always stylish.  Diana has a fashion style of her own and was a trendsetter during her time.

4. Cyndi Lauper

Born in the US, Cyndi is an actress, singer and songwriter and fashion icon of her time.

Her fashion was daring and she loved mixing different colours, patterns and textures.  Her style was definitely unique and often as bright and cheerful as the online slots Canada has to offer.

Accessories were her thing, and she loved wearing earrings, belts, necklaces and her signature, bangles.  Her hair and make-up were also a great fashion statement.

5. Madonna

Madonna Louise Ciccone, a model, actress, singer and songwriter, she is known for not being scared to be different.  She made headlines more than once with her controversial stage performances.

Her fashion style was also unique and many who wanted to be just like her copied her. Madonna has been influential in boosting the careers of fashion designers as she wore their fashion.

She has been on the cover of magazines all over the world and has changed her look over the years wearing anything from military garb to hip-hop to S and M.

6. Michael Jackson

Everybody knows Michael Jackson, his music spans the test of time and he continues to be remembered by his fans for his brilliant stage performances.

He is also a fashion icon who everyone wanted to be like and imitate.  That single white sequined glove will always be remembered as will his moonwalk.