The Top Digital Design Trends To Start Using November 3, 2021 May 6, 2022 Zygmunt Duda

When it comes to staying on top of design trends, it’s hard to know what’s up and coming, and what’s being kicked out the door until well into the new year begins. However, we’ve been paying attention to what top marketing companies and social-facing media sites have been putting out there, and there’s some commonalities which are worth noting.

Top trends for 2022 include most of the ones from 2021, which are a direct result of the pandemic, but also include fun new ones that branded companies shied away from in the past.

1. Sans Serif

Once considered to be the ugly stepchild of the font world, Sans Serif made a Cinderella-esque comeback in 2021 and it looks as if it’s going to stay well into 2022 too. This classic font while fairly common, maintains a dignified elegance and has a very nostalgic appeal.

Sans serif’s popularity is in part, due to how great they look on digital displays since they work well whether they are small or large. They were used in headings and commercial print most often back in the day before falling out of favour, and it’s precisely this clarity they bring which has brought them back into the design fold.

2. Memes That Are Branded

While memes have been around for almost as long as the internet – and existed well before if you believe some Egyptian hieroglyphs – it’s no wonder that brands have finally jumped on the bandwagon … there’s literally a meme around for every kind of situation.

While viral memes are hard to predict ahead of time, and you have a short window to utilise them once identified, memes that have stood the test of time are a good starting point. This is especially true for brands who are looking for a safe sounding board to start using memes on social posts.

3. Visuals In Data

While chunks of data may be used in company presentations – it’s not that fun for anyone sitting through them – and if you’re planning to present data knowledge to your audience, you’ll definitely want to up your game to e as good as those you find at

This is where using visuals in your data display can benefit your overall message and ensure it’s relatable to those receiving the information. Brands who’ve been doing this well include LinkedIn who’ve ensured their graphic designs are minimalistic and simplistic but feature relevant content.


Nothing is as appealing as a well-designed quote that can be pulled and used to promote content on a social site like Pinterest or Instagram. This is definitely one of the top cyclical trends which comes in and out of fashion every few years. Though inspirational content used to be the top pull quote option, the current trend leans more towards education and to highlight social proofs or as blog teasers.

Companies who are already using this trend include Asana, Teamwork – who do customer quotes as social proofs – and Buffer, who do pull quotes from their blog posts onto their social channels.

While there are several other design trends worth noting, these are the top ones to pay attention to now and include in your New Year plans.