Surprisingly Useful Print Media Design Trends for Digital Design September 27, 2021 May 6, 2022 Zygmunt Duda

In our increasingly digital world it may come as a surprise to find that some of the current trends in print media design may provide excellent inspiration for digital design.

In this article we will explore some of print media’s current trends and their usefulness in digital design.

Muted and Pastel Colours

Ausvegas – For the last several years the barrage of loud messages proclaimed in bold colours is leading to the use of more understated colours, with a preference for muted and pastel colours and their inherent feelings of safety and security.

This use of understated colours also connects with the growing social consciousness of many people and provides an aesthetic connection to nature.


Another trend in-line with social consciousness, an appearance of incompleteness or imperfection can demonstrate that a design encompasses diversity and inclusiveness.

An imperfect design can also capture the eye of the viewer because of the apparent discordance and this will enhance the design’s ability to stand out and can be used to draw attention to specific areas of a design.

Absurd Surrealism

There can be a very distinct look created in a design by combining the normal and the strange in an absurd and surreal manner. It is likely that such a design will be recalled by the viewer for longer because it exerted a greater impact on the viewer and their imagination.

The playfulness of such images could also contribute to alleviating the anxiety that many of us feel when faced by current events.

Retro Futurism

This tech inspired design trend combines an idealised past with the concept of an optimistic future. This creative style appears both familiar and new and often evokes feelings of nostalgia and confidence in viewers.

Classic Fonts

This trend is dominated by the use of serif fonts dating back to the 15th century. This emerging trend tries to impart a feeling of trust in the viewer due to long standing history.

It can be effective to render only your titles in serif fonts as this creates interesting contrast with any other text. But it can also be engaging for your whole design to be done with serif fonts.

Classic Symbols

Tapping into the power of universal images and their meanings, the use of classic symbols can communicate understanding and evoke feelings that would take thousands of words to impart.

Using and adapting such transcendental symbols can also evoke feelings of nostalgia for less anxious times that seem to resonate well with today’s viewers. Online Bingo sites such as do this well, as they combine retro games with cutting edge imagery and functionality.

Change Is Afoot

As you can see from reading about the above trends, there is a dominance for creating designs that evoke feelings of comfort and safety in the viewer. With the chaotic events of the last year or two and the prevalence of loud and brightly designed messages been thrown at us, it’s not surprising.

And hopefully you have discovered that while some may consider print media to be obsolete, that there are rich inspirational rewards from the cross pollination of these two media platforms.