Designs That Shaped Our World June 10, 2019 May 6, 2022 Zygmunt Duda

Over the years there have been some designs that have simply stood head and shoulders above the rest. They’ve made history and changed the way we live irrevocably.

The Fax Machine

The idea of being able to send letters, diagrams or even pictures via telephone lines was the stuff of Science Fiction. But in 1966 Xerox turned it into reality, and released the Magnafax telecopier.

By the 1970’s fax machines (fax abbreviated from facsimile) were in every major office, and by the 1980’s we’d forgotten what it was like not to have one.

Sony’s Walkman

The Walkman was the antithesis of the boom box. It was a personal music device that fitted in the palm of your hand and made it possible for people to listen to their own personal soundtrack on the move. It was followed by the Discman, and later, Apple’s iPod.

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The Wassilly Chair

Designed in 1925 by Marcel Brauer for Kandinski’s apartment, this chair design changed furniture forever.

The steel and leather construction was revolutionary and it inspired designers around the globe. To this day, it is still in production.


Today, Toblerone is over 100 years, but in its day it was ground breaking. It was the very first designer confectionery and the first patented chocolate.

It’s pyramid design made it hugely popular and allowed it to compete with chocolate giants like Nestle and Cadbury.

Apple Mac

Apple’s Macintosh computer was a tech game changer. It was almost unimaginable that just over 2 decades later the tech giant would release the iPhone and make playing at Lucky Nugget casino Canada on the go a reality.

The Macintosh computer interface and mouse hit stores in 1984 and changed people’s perceptions about the capacities of desktop machines.

The Mini Cooper

The Mini is still in production today, but it looks very different to the original micro car that was developed in the 1950’s at the height of the oil crisis.

The Mini was revolutionary for its time, and is considered to be the second most important car in historical importance, pipped to the post only by the Model T Ford.

The Digital Watch

The digital watch was first designed as a film prop for 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Stanley Kubrick film. In 1970 Pulsar created the first prototype and it went into production soon after, becoming a timepiece that was designed for everyone, no matter how limited their budget.

Cordless Phone

Nokia may have cornered the market for handheld portable phones, but the first model was actually released by Benefon.

Browsers and HTML

The Internet is no doubt one of the makings of the modern world, but before we all had access to the Internet, we had to have someone who pioneered the web browser.

Netscape was the company that was behind this, but it needed the HyperText Mark-Up Language or HTML created by Tim Berners Lee’s to make web browsers and the Internet accessible to the general public.